08 September, 2011

Less Than 30 Days...

In less than 30 days, our foundation will raffle off the fully engraved, custom 1911 handgun from Ed Brown Products, Inc. considered to be one of the finest makers of collectible 1911 pistols. This is a very exiting time for us, not only because it's our first national raffle but we are raising awareness about Holoprosencephally (HPE) in our community. There is nothing greater than empowering and providing education to others. 

Please help us spread the message by telling at least of one of your friends about the foundation's mission and/or raffle. Just one person can make all the difference. It's for a great cause, so even if you don't win, you win anyway.

Your friends can find out more information and celebrate the raffle countdown with us on Facebook and Twitter.
We appreciate any support you can offer!

22 June, 2011

Press Releases

We've updated the website with a page for Press Releases. You can view it HERE. and follow the navigation bar on the left side of the page. Feel free to share these press releases with media or friends.


10 June, 2011

A Life of Purpose

Everyone wants their life to have meaning, a purpose, a reason or an impact. Many seek this purpose on their own, through their own power, for their own pleasure or for their own fame. Even more importantly, parents hope that their children will surpass their own achievements... But viewed within the framework of who we are in the eyes of our Creator, what we hope to accomplish in our own power is pure folly.

So, as a parent, its normal to want the same for your children as you would want for yourself; to have a purpose, to make an impact, to have meaning. I would have to be honest and say that part of me wants this foundation to be about Kara's impact, her purpose, but that would not honor her memory or acknowledge her true impact that she has already left behind. Looking back, I would have to say that even without our efforts, she impacted so many just by her quiet presence, her wistful smile... My Kara never had a voice anyone on Earth could hear, but in her own way she was able to speak volumes about God's love and the power of persistent faith.

If the chief end of man is to glorify God, then we should view ourselves in the context of who He created us to be and what He created us to do. I have no doubt that I have projected some of my own desires on this project, but ultimately, my hope is that this foundation will be used for good purposes and that God will be glorified. Perhaps we will just place ourselves in His path and allow ourselves to be used in whichever way He desires.

Even if we never did anything "meaningful" in the eyes of man, we would still be God's creation, His perfect child, and we would have value to Him... This foundation is for Kara, my other children and all the other kids in our extended HPE family... Who all have value, meaning and an impact on this world, especially in the eyes of our Creator.

Stuart Palmer
(Kara's Dad)