08 September, 2011

Less Than 30 Days...

In less than 30 days, our foundation will raffle off the fully engraved, custom 1911 handgun from Ed Brown Products, Inc. considered to be one of the finest makers of collectible 1911 pistols. This is a very exiting time for us, not only because it's our first national raffle but we are raising awareness about Holoprosencephally (HPE) in our community. There is nothing greater than empowering and providing education to others. 

Please help us spread the message by telling at least of one of your friends about the foundation's mission and/or raffle. Just one person can make all the difference. It's for a great cause, so even if you don't win, you win anyway.

Your friends can find out more information and celebrate the raffle countdown with us on Facebook and Twitter.
We appreciate any support you can offer!

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